Eurail Tour of the Med: Greece

For my Eurail train tour of the Mediterranean coast I’m looking at the Greek Islands.  These islands are home to a wealth of ancient history, architecture and culture, but the reason I’m here is to fill you in on where you can enjoy all the joys of the Mediterranean.  Let me give you a quick run-down on a few top islands to get your fill of surf and sand. With your Eurail pass, you are entitled to a free fast-ferry ride from Bari, Italy to the popular island of Corfu, giving you a chance to enjoy the open seas of the Med, a nice change from all the train stops.

Corfu- First stop thanks to your train tour is the island of Corfu, where there is something to enjoy for everyone.  For me, the beaches are my priority.  Glyfada beach is a beauty with its turquoise waters.  Agio Giordos and Agio Georgios are worth checking out for a day trip, and were the location where the movie “Blue Lagoon” was filmed.  Corfu, due to its location near the Ionian Sea, experiences cooler summers if you can’t handle the heat of its island neighbours.

Mykonos- This island it the most famous party island in Greece that rivals the legendary Ibiza.   Psarou beach is known to attract celebrities and Elia beach is a big one, known for its water sports. Paradise, Lia and Agios Stefanos are a few other popular beaches, but there are dozens that are all close by so you can’t go wrong.  The Greek government has also declared this island museum for its historical and cultural significance (and maybe for the parties).

Santorini- When on Santorini Island you will gravitate towards Kamari beach.  While it is a pebble beach, the reason for its popularity is all the bars, restaurants and cafes to enjoy.  This island hosts many white sands beaches too, so don’t worry.  The most famous beach it the Red Beach, which has actually red sand formed by a volcanic eruption.  While here you can also hike around the scenic beauty of the volcanic Calder Cliffs and enjoy the sunset.

Hope these tips get you excited for this stop on your Eurail tour, and remember, this is just a sample of all the amazing islands that Greece has to offer.

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