Cities of Spain by Eurail: Zaragoza

Zargoda is located in between Madrid and Barcelona. It features landscapes ranging from a desert to mountains, dense forests to flowing meadows making it perfect for touring by train. If you plan on touring outside of Spain check out the Eurail flexi pass.

You can start at the city hall and the Cathedral of San Salvador which are both architectural delights. This cathedral was actually built over an old mosque. In some places you will be able to see the partially preserved in the 11th century north wall of the Parroquieta. The Romanesque apses in the church from the 12th century while on the inside you will see the imposing hallenkirche is from the 15th to 16th centuries. Finally you should admire the Baroque tower. Not too far from this cathedral you will be able to see the famous Museum of Tapestries.

The Moorish Palace of Aljaferia is the most important Moorish building to be found in the region. IT was made famous by Giuseppe Verdi’s famous opera “The Troubadour”. Today you will find that the Aragonese parliament currently uses this castle for its many meetings.

Zaragoza museum of Fine Arts houses many interesting exhibits. These will include paintings by a number of early Aragonese artists as well as 15th century artists. You will be able to view works of art by painters like El Greco, Goya and Ribera. Another museum which will get your attention is that of the Camon Aznar Museum.

The Canal Imperial de Aragon is popular for its vast vegetation in its entire stretch of about 100km.  This has made it a popular spot for resorts. In fact this canal has made Zaragoza a wealthy city and tourism has made it wealthier. This canal is believed to have been built in the 18th century only minor improvements since.

The River Ebro is an integral part of the beautiful scenery of Zaragoza. It is traversed by 5 bridges and there are many recreational facilities through its length. There are also boats available for tourists as well.

Zargoza also features some amusement parks which is great if you are travelling with children. The park has enough amusement opportunities for children, adults and for the old. There are rides like horse riding and cycling. There is a roller coaster, water sports, swimming pools and theme park. There are also nice restaurants here so can still taste the fine cuisine and skip the average hot dog.  So if you find yourself on a Eurail train tour though Spain, consider the one-of-a-kind city of Zaragoza.

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