The French Riviera by Eurail Pass: Antibes

For a great French holiday on the Riviera use the historic town of Antibes as your base. It is situated between Nice and Cannes makes it a great hub to start your Eurail train tour of the Riviera.

The Romans ruled Antibes for five hundred years and during created a beautiful coastal town.  It was eventually destroyed by Barbarians and did not regain its popularity until the 19th century, when it started being developed for holiday homes.

The Old Town has ancient walls and narrow cobblestoned streets are lined with small shops and restaurants. Don’t miss the colourful Provencal Market in the centre of Town. Visit the 17th century Chateau Grimaldi, home of the Picasso Museum which, in 1946, also was Picasso’s home for six months. When he donated all his works made here to the Chateau. Antibes also hosts one of the largest antique shows in Europe each spring. From then on until late September the roads and streets buzz with people from all over the world.

The Antibes Amusement park offers fun for the whole family. It’s always brightly lit at night and can be seen for miles. There are 30 rides that appeal to children or anyone young at heart. There are also places where you can sit and enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner, or you can eat at any of their small cafes which offer a selection of beer and wines also.

The Cap Ferret is one of the highlights of the entire coast. It can be explored by walking the coastal path that is made of three parts. At the tip of Cap Ferrat, is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, the “Grand Hôtel du Cap”, set in a stunning garden.

Juan Les Pins and Ile St.Marguerite are just outside of Antibes and are lovely vacation spots as well. The Royal Fort here dates back to the 1600’s and there’s a museum plus the cell where the Man in the Iron Mask is said to have languished. There are lovely walks along eucalyptus and pine tree-lined paths, to walk around the whole island takes about two hours.

Biot is also small town near Antibes but is inland a bit. The village is best known for its glass-blowing – and there are many shops and workshops where you can watch the glassblowers at work and buy samples. There is a museum dedicated to the well known modern artist Fernand Leger on the edge of the town, with an interesting collection that showcases his entire career.

So make this in-between stop on your Eurail train tour of the Riviera for relaxing break between the busier towns and cities Antibes shares with the coast. We recommend a Eurail global pass to see all the sites and then some!

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