Regions of France by Eurail: Brittany

Britanny is a beautiful and unique region of France, blending French and Celtic culture from across the British Channel. If you buy a Eurail Flexi Pass you can enjoy the scenery towards and along the coast of this region. There are several features that draw tourists to this region, with several that you wouldn’t expect unless you’ve been here before.  I’m going to list the main ones here to help you plan your train stop here.

Brittany’s location between France and Britain has given it a deep history; here are some sites to visit to experience it. First there are many churches that have stood the test of time, such as Eglise Saint Andre, La Maison Blanche and Saint Bartholomew’s. Brittany’s churches all feature signature granite crucifixes.There is the Chateu Bonnefontain is a fortified castle. This region also is home to the biggest wealth of megaliths, large stone structures, similar to Stone Henge, that were erected for mysterious religious purposes. This view some maritime relics, head to the Cathedral of St. Vincent and the Solidor Tower.  There are the mansions and cobbled streets of Dol-de-Bretagne.  There is also the Oceanopolis, which features over 50 aquariums with all kinds of local and tropical exhibits.

Brittany has France’s longest coastline and the weather here is warmer than you’d imagine, up to 30C in the summer months.  This makes a great summer vacation spot, with lots of beach and ocean activities.  Here you can enjoy sailing, kayaking, canoing, scuba diving and even surfing! It also features all kinds of land activities such as hiking and climbing.  With all this water you know you’ve come to the right spot for seafood, one of Brittany’s specialties.  One thing that separates Brittany from France is its regional drink is a beer, not wine.  It is a Celtic-cider based mix that is specific to the area and can’t be found anywhere else, so you definitely have to try it here.  If you are interested in touring France by train, check out the Eurail flexi pass and mark off Brittany on your list of stops.

For info on the neighbouring region of Normandy, famous for its role in D-Day from WWII, click here.

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