Backpacking By Train Through Europe

The most authentic and affordable way to experience Europe is backpacking by train. When picking a train pass, the Eurail Global Pass is the best deal if you’re going to travel to several countries. I do advice to take as much time as you can to experience Europe as there is such a variety of culture in all connected by scenic railways.  Here are some details on the Eurail Global Pass and some tips on backpacking through Europe.

The Eurail Global Pass was first introduced in 1959 to be an economical and convenient way to travel Europe by Rail, and still is today. It allows you complete rail travel through 20 countries which are listed here. There are two passes: Continuous and Flexi.  The Continuous Global Pass gives you between 25 days to three months of travel.  The Global Flexi Pass gives you between 10 to 15 days, within a two month period. It also has benefits, such as discounts at many hotels, museums, attractions and all other forms of public transportation.

Backpacking across Europe has been a tradition for years with its popularity building in the 1960s and 1970s. This is due to it being a great way experience new cultures and places. Backpacking means basically living out of a small travel bag or backpack and sleeping mostly in inexpensive hostels and other budget accommodations.  This way is the most economical and really gets you involved with the local culture.   This way you see much more than the local tourist traps. Just remember to interact as much with locals as you do with other backpackers if you really want to learn about the countries you’re staying in. Politeness and open-mindedness are extremely important, too. The local rules will be different than you’re used to, and it’s a good idea to follow them.You also get to meet other backpackers and share you adventure with them.

Backpacking through Europe is an unforgettable experience that everyone should take the chance to do in their lifetime.  So start planning your trip and make sure to check out a Global and other Eurail Passes here.  If you are a student backpacking, check out some tips just for students here.

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