Zagreb, Croatia: An Upcoming Tourist Hot-Spot

Croatia is a lesser-known, but still a great reason to buy an Eurail pass. What once was a country in turmoil is now an upcoming tourist hot-spot on the Mediterranean. The Capital city of Zagreb, is a real gem and is less expensive than most of its Mediterranean neighbours. It is a meld of Croatian and the surrounding countries’ cultures and styles. In the capital of Zagreb, it is also a blend of tradition and modern with the old and new towns.  Fr a true Zagreb experience you can enjoy a trip to the Old City or Gornji Grad, here you find fantastic architecture and ancient cobbled streets are a big departure from the modern extravagance of the new town’s nightlife.

There is a strong Italian influence in Zagreb, nowhere more so than in the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is a great showcase. To see the main local architectural spectacle check out the impressive Cathedral of Zagreb, located in the hill district of Kaptol. This spectacle is perhaps only outdone by the massive Medvedgrad Mountain, which offers excellent views of the city and access to the hidden Medvednica fortress. Muzej Museum is where your will find work by famous artists such as Lorenzetti, Van Dyck, Renoir, and other famous artists. This museum also features prehistoric exhibits. The Archeological Museum has 400,000 pieces, with some impressive artefacts from Egypt and Rome. It features a Zagreb mummy, compete with bandages.

The plethora of winding roads and alleys present the perfect atmosphere for a lively nightlife. The Donji Grad district offers visitors no end of bars, reasonably priced restaurants and a huge selection of clubs. Thhe Tkalciceva area is home to collections of former aristocratic house that have been transformed into stylish bars and clubs.  As with many nightlife hotspots, Tkalciceva is also an excellent place to people watch, attracting a selection of the city’s local and visiting socialites.

Also there are several festivals you can partake in, from spring to the end of summer.  So think of Zagreb and Croatia when planning to buy an Eurail pass. Also check out this article on Dubrovnik, a beautiful and affordable beach destination in Croatia.

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