Eurail tour of Germany: Berlin

While traveling by Eurail through Germany, Berlin is one city you must visit.  Berlin is an historical and cultural icon of Europe and today stands as a truly modern and cosmopolitan city.  Germany has an intensive rail system of 33,000 trains that you can take advantage of with your Eurail pass. Your Eurail pass also give you big discounts on ferries as well to Poland, Finland and Sweden.  Here is a quick list of sightseeing and shopping while in Berlin.

For Sightseeing:

Berlin Zoo – Also known as the Zoologischer Garten, the Berlin Zoo is one of the greatest and oldest in the world, first opening its gates in 1844. It has two main entrances: the Elephant gate at Budapester Strasse 34 and the Lion Gate located at Hardenbergplatz 8. The zoo has an extensive collection of animals, with over 1300 species represented by over 15,000 animals in this sprawling zoological park.

The Spree River – This river has many attractions along its shores, making it a great family destination. This river allows visitors with children to have a nice picnic on the river banks or indulge in a boat cruise along it.

The Fernsehturm – The Fernsehturm is a TV tower, which is located on the Alexanderplatz. This is the tallest building in all of Berlin and offers unparalleled views of the city. There is a viewing platform which is over 200 meters above the ground as well as a 118 meter TV antenna on top. The Fernsehturm is also home to a wonderful revolving restaurant, where patrons can have a meal while enjoying a view of the city of Berlin.

Tiergarten Park – The Tiergarten sits beautifully right in the heart of the city. This garden and park has a lot of historical significance and offers a number of activities available for kids and adults.

Pergamon Museum – The Pergamon Museum hosts an amazing collection of artifacts and exhibits is broadly divided into the Near East Collection, the Islamic Collection and the Antiquity collection.

For Shopping:

Friedrichstrasse- Right at the heart of the city in Berlin’s Mitte neighbourhood, Friedrichstrasse is known for luxury, high-end shopping. This area is divided into three boutique malls – Quartier 205, 206 and 207.  Even if high-end shopping is not in your budget, you are sure to enjoy some window shopping with all the amazing fashion and brands in these malls.

Potsdamer Platz- The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden is a short walk away from Friedrichstrasse but is a bit more accessible to the average budget. These five huge floors of shopping is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

Boghagener Platz– You can forget the price tags of the last two stops I mentioned here.  Boghagener Platz is Berlin`s best and most authentic flea market and is a experience not to be missed.

Bergmannstrasse– This is the trendy, alternative shopping zone of Berlin. Here you find second-hand stores with hours’ worth of cheap, but definitely interesting, junk shops overflowing with trinkets, records and other nostalgic collector’s items. This area sits alongside a cool café and bar scene for some fun and relaxation along with some people-watching done in this exciting, hip neighborhood.

Hope that you can use this list if you find yourself in Berlin while touring Germany by Eurail pass.

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