Train Travel in Europe

If you are from Europe or any other continent in the world, if you are traveling about this magnificent continent, you had better figure out just how you’re going to do it. I’m not only talking about how to find the best deals on planes but I also want to present a few other points that might make a little easier. Why take a one hour flight when a four hour train ride is available? Why take the car at all?

Owning your trip depends a lot on where you need to go. Often, flights around Europe are very cheap because they need to compete with the train prices. Trains, on the other hand, are by far the most humane and least stressful way to travel. Cars are probably my least favorite means of getting around Europe but still have their place.

If you are traveling great distances by plane across Europe than perhaps doing so through the air will be your best bet. The downside of having to travel through Europe by air is at the wait times associated with the airport. Not only do you have to wait in line to check in, check your baggage, go through security and finally we get on the plane, but you have two allocate enough time to get to and from the airport which is normally out of the city limits. With all the ease times added up, it can often take five or six hours just to get to a destination with a one-hour flight time. Though the train and car are much more efficient at getting people to where they need to be because of where they admit their O2. Next time you are looking at a train ride that is comparable price and travel time as it is to avoid, try and take the train for all of our sakes.

I tend to like riding the train so much because almost nothing is expected of me. I get on, sit down, look out the window and relax. Sometimes, a ticket checker will come by and take my ticket but for the most part, I don’t have to do anything. The train also tends to drop people off in city centers making it much easier to get where you need to go. They also tend to stop throughout the different parts of the city if you get on the right train. You can basically get off within a five minute cab ride of your destination no matter where you are. This alone makes running the train much more comfortable for me. True, if you are in a car you don’t have to deal with other people on board because there are none but simply pony up a few extra euros and get the much quieter first-class seating. The eurail global pass is a great option for seeing a lot of Europe over a long period of time. Check this ticket option out if you’re going to be there for longer than a month.

Driving is my least favorite means of transportation, especially for long distances. Tollbooths have a habit of popping out of nowhere and driving usually ends up costing you more than taking a train or a plane. The one thing that I do like about driving to a destination is the fact that I am readily mobile once I get there. I can drive out of the city to pick up a ham hawk or stayed at a hotel that is a little bit away from the city. This can end up saving you some money, but it hasn’t done it for me. I often find that many European cities are don’t really lend themselves well to automobile traffic. For the most part, there public transit systems are much quicker, much cheaper and you don’t have to pay for parking. When you are driving a car you don’t sincerely get to relax and enjoy the scenery either. You are looking at same piece of asphalt the whole time and falling asleep is always the possibility. If I am ever given the choice, I tend to take the train or car.

Buses aren’t even in question here. I once took a bus from Amsterdam to Paris and it was incredibly terrible. He trip took way longer than it should have, the bus was very hot and a few fights broke out on board. We were stopped by customs first for about an hour and then a fight for another 20 minutes. The front of the bus was against rather cool but we were stuck at the back because I’ll be French and Dutch people seem to get on first. The toilet is another story altogether. Not only was it impossible to do any toilet things in but also the smell that wafted back from it was absolutely disgusting. Add that to the sweltering heat and non moving air and I had never taken another bus since.

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