Eurail Senior Pass Guide

The Eurail Senior Pass is a great option for travelers age 60 and over wanting to experience Europe. With a Eurail pass you not only get an efficient way to travel across Europe, you get to enjoy all the scenic beauty that Europe provides. Of the several countries offering the seniors discount pass, France is one that you need to see by train. The senior’s discount in France starts with three days of train travel in a month up to nine days and is only available with the first-class Eurail pass.

The seniors discount is a great incentive to buy a first-class Eurail pass. Here are the features first-class offers that you are sure to enjoy while touring France by Eurail. First you’re guaranteed large comfortable power-reclining seats, either all facing forward or four-seat sections facing each other. For the forward-facing seats, you get a drop down table and with the four-seat sections you get a fixed table with a lamp, both with plugs for your electronic devices. Note these are all euro-style two-pin sockets so make sure to bring the right plug adapter. There is also a small bench outside of the main seating compartment for you to make private phone calls as well. If you are traveling as a couple or a group of four, make sure to ask for the “club duo” or “club quatre”, respectively. These will reserve you a seating section where you can face your companions and share a table in the middle.

While in France I’m sure you’ll be spending some time in Paris, so here is a nice tour of the surrounding region by train pass.

First stop after Paris would be the city of Dijon. This city is more than the name of the popular mustard and has been a center to French art, learning, food and culture for hundreds of years. Dijon houses many eras of architectural style with its range of cathedrals, museums and palaces. This makes it a great stop for those interested in learning about this area’s rich history. If you are in the area during autumn you have to visit during the Dijon Gastronomic Fair, a giant showcase of French food and wine that is not to be missed.

The second stop you must make is in Lyon. This is France’s third largest city and matches its old history and culture with modern style and shopping. This big city has something for everyone to enjoy and even boasts the largest urban park in the country.

The next stop in the city of Avignon is a amazing place to tour some historic sites. Here you should visit the Palace of the Popes, the Place de l’Horloge and the city ramparts. Also there is the annual Avignon arts festival that celebrates theatre, dance, music, cinema and the arts.

The last stop I recommend on this mini-tour of the region would have to be Marseille. This is the second largest and the oldest city in France. Sitting on the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, it has always been a main port for hundreds of years. The Vieux Port is the heart of Marseille and where you can find the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping the region has to offer. There are many galleries and museums, some housing art from ancient Greece and Egypt, showing-off its lengthy international history. Of course you also have all the fun and relaxation that the Mediterranean has to offer at your finger tips.

Hope you found some good tips on where to visit while traveling with your seniors discount Eurail train pass in France.

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